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Everything you need to know about guava: properties and benefits

Guava , an exotic fruit belonging to the Myrtaceae family , is also known by the name of guayaba and has uncertain origins, probably dating back to Central America and Mexico. It has a hard amaranth-colored skin and a juicy internal pulp, rich in beneficial properties for our body. Thanks to Frutt'it , you will be able to buy your guava online and discover all the benefits that this precious fruit can bring to your health.

Guava: nutritional values ​​and main benefits

Guava is a fruit rich in vitamins , water and mineral salts, which make it an ideal food for fighting cholesterol, protecting the digestive system and increasing immune defenses. Furthermore, thanks to its diuretic and purifying properties, it is perfect for those who follow a slimming diet or want to maintain their ideal weight. Among the main nutrients contained in guava, we find:

  1. Vitamins from groups A, B, C, E and K, which promote the well-being of bones, eyes, brain, heart, immune defenses and vascular system.

  2. Water and mineral salts, which promote the hydration of our body and help keep the skin elastic and toned, counteracting skin aging.

  3. Dietary fibre, which helps regulate intestinal activity and keeps bad cholesterol levels in the blood low.

Anti-aging and antioxidant properties

Guava is particularly appreciated for its anti-aging and antioxidant properties, which help counteract the signs of aging and prevent premature aging of cells. The leaves of the fruit are also rich in flavonoids, such as morin, which has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and liver-protective properties from hyperglycemia.

Anti-cholesterol action and protection of the digestive system

The low presence of fat and the abundance of fiber contained in guava make it an ideal fruit for fighting bad cholesterol and protecting the digestive system. Dietary fibres, in fact, help regulate intestinal activity and prevent constipation and abdominal swelling.

Anti-cancer properties of guava

Guava also contains lycopene, a natural pigment that gives the fruit its characteristic pink/orange color and which has powerful antioxidant, purifying and anti-tumor properties. According to some studies, regular consumption of guava could protect breast, prostate and mouth from tumors.

10 reasons to eat guava

1. Diuretic and purifying action
2. Rich in vitamins and water
3. Benefits for bones, eyes and brain
4. Anti-aging properties
5. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities 6. Anti-cholesterol
7. Helps intestinal activity
8. Ally against menstrual pain

9. Protects the digestive system
10. Anti-nausea

White guava and pink guava: what are the differences?

Guava comes in different varieties, the most common of which are white guava and pink guava. Both are rich in beneficial properties for our body, but have some differences in terms of flavour, consistency and color of the pulp.

White guava

The white guava (Psidium guajava) is characterized by an amaranth-colored skin and a juicy, white internal pulp. Among the beneficial effects of this type of guava, we find the protection of the digestive system, the anti-vomiting, astringent and soothing action against gastroenteritis and ulcers. Furthermore, quercetin, a flavonoid present in the white pulp, counteracts rheumatoid arthritis.

Pink guava

The pink guava has an external skin with a soft green/yellow rind and the internal pulp of the fruit which is fleshy and pink/orange in colour. It is excellent enjoyed fresh, plain or in fruit salad, but it is also an ideal ingredient for creams, jams and desserts. Its fresh flavor is also suitable for smoothies, cocktails and ice creams.

Buy your guava online with Frutt'it

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Recipes with guava

Guava lends itself to numerous preparations in the kitchen, both sweet and savory. Here are some ideas for using this exotic fruit in your daily recipes:

Guava jam : a delicious jam to spread on bread or to use as a condiment for desserts and yogurt.

Guava smoothie : a refreshing and nutritious smoothie, ideal for a healthy and tasty breakfast.

Guava salad : a light and colorful dish, perfect for a summer lunch or an original dinner based on fruit and vegetables.

Guava juice: a natural remedy for various ailments

Guava juice is rich in vitamins and minerals, and is used as a natural remedy to combat various ailments, including:

1. Teeth pain
2. Acne
3. Heartburn
4. Weight loss in slimming diets 5. Improved immune defenses 6. Maintaining brain health

In conclusion, guava is an exotic fruit rich in beneficial properties for our body, which is worth including in our daily diet. Don't hesitate to discover all the advantages of this precious food and buy your guava online with Frutt'it.

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