Chestnuts: properties, nutritional values ​​and calories


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It has always been believed that chestnuts have a relationship with the dead and that on All Saints' Day, San Simone and

San Martino is necessary to eat roasted chestnuts . A French folkloric custom recommends putting

a few browns under the pillow to ensure that the spirits don't come dragging your feet at night

The chestnut is a very long-lived tree; the oldest of all was on the slopes of Etna, he was more than 3,500

years and a circumference of sixty meters. It is said that a man could find refuge in its hollow trunk

entire flock including its shepherd. It is also said that Joan of Aragon, surprised by a storm, there

he found shelter with his retinue made up of one hundred knights, therefore he was also called 'chestnut dai

one hundred horses

The basic characteristic is the richness in starch which makes chestnuts quite caloric (about 7 chestnuts

they provide 330 kcal) . They are therefore suitable for athletes and those who need to increase their energy level. Better

let them cool before eating them and they are preferable boiled rather than roasted . They contain

also a good amount of fiber and protein. Very useful for celiacs because they do not contain gluten

flour can be used in different preparations. They have a good content of vitamins, such as acid

folic, and mineral salts such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and iron. However, they are not suitable for those who suffer from

irritable colon because their carbohydrates are very well fermented by the microbiota bacteria.

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Chestnuts are eaten cooked , using various techniques: baked, pan-fried , boiled , microwaved and delicious.

roasted chestnuts on the fire. Good additions to minestrone, first and second courses, desserts and also

in the salad . At the supermarket you can find them cooked or dried

flour, chestnut jam and tasty Marron Glacé.


Chestnuts are smaller than chestnuts and their thin internal skin is more difficult to remove.

Choose firm ones , with shiny skin and without stains or mould.

STORE at room temperature for a maximum of 3 days after purchase. They keep for a while in the refrigerator

month. If you want to keep them in the freezer, soak them in water for a few hours, dry them, cut them (or

shell them leaving the skin) and place them in the freezer in the appropriate bags, they will keep for a maximum of

4 months.

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