How to clean an avocado

How to Clean an Avocado

How do you clean an avocado ? Let's discover together the most used method for cleaning one of the most used exotic fruits at the moment! 

First we take a knife and cut the avocado vertically in half, rotating as we go! The operation may be easier if the fruit is ripe!

Once you have cut the avocado in half there are two ways to remove the central stone:

1) dig under the stone with a spoon!

2) give a sharp blow with the knife on the stone and make it stick, once stuck turn left and right and you will see that the stone will easily detach from the fruit!

We recommend that if you don't have to use the whole fruit, leave the stone in the half of the avocado to be preserved, sprinkle with a squeeze of lemon to prevent it from oxidising and put it in cling film and then in the fridge!


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