Green beans: nutritional value, properties!

Let's discover together all the curiosities and properties of green beans

Unlike other legumes, green beans contain a lower quantity of proteins and a very high quantity of water (estimated at around 90%): in this regard, green beans show characteristics more similar to vegetables than to legumes. They are rich in fibre, mineral salts (potassium in particular) and vitamin A; the vitamin C content is discreet. The scarcity of carbohydrates, associated with little protein, makes green beans a low-calorie food. Green beans boast diuretic and refreshing properties for the gastro-intestinal system, as well as remineralising due to the good quantity of minerals. These legumes, due to their abundance of fibre, are an excellent ally in case of constipation; furthermore, due to their low carbohydrate intake, they can also be consumed by diabetics.

Nutritional values ​​Green beans


Contraindications Green beans

You must be careful not to consume them raw as they contain an enzyme that disturbs digestion, whose action is canceled by cooking.

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