Fennel: properties, nutritional values ​​and how to use it in cooking

Fennel is a vegetable with a delicate and light taste, therefore it lends itself to many types of recipes from simple salads to more elaborate recipes such as baked fennel or timbales. It is a great ally in low-calorie diets given its low caloric value (only 9 kcal/100g ) and its high satiating power. In fact, fennel is a very fibrous vegetable and this is exactly what it is
high quantity of fiber to give it a high satiating power, the fiber in fact slows down gastric emptying giving us a greater sense of satiety
prolonged. It facilitates diuresis and therefore the elimination of excess liquids thanks to its abundant water content, in fact it is made up of more than 90% water . | fennel seeds are also known for their digestive properties and for counteracting intestinal swelling, these in fact contain anethole, an organic compound to which antispasmodic properties have been attributed, i.e. they induce relaxation of the intestinal muscles in case of spasms, colic and abdominal contractions, favoring thus eliminating gas and alleviating painful symptoms.

The fennel plant is of Mediterranean origin and has hermaphroditic flowers. Fear the
frost and scorching heat, it can be grown both in spring and autumn. Requires draining but moist and not compact soil. It is planted from seed or from a seedling . The
grumolo develops in a couple of months and its size varies depending on the variety chosen. It requires constant care to fight weeds . Contrary to what you might believe, there are no male and female fennels, but only different varieties.

Curiosities about fennel :

In the past , due to its flavor it was used to flavor foods and cover defects, from this habit the saying ' let yourself be fooled ' was born as wine sellers offered a clove of fennel to anyone who came to buy the wine.

How to Use It in the Kitchen:

Use the rounder fennel raw: for salads , dips and as a hunger-suppressing snack . Prefer the longer and more tapered ones, cooked in a pan, al
baked, au gratin or in risotto.

Buy white, compact, fresh and firm fennel. Better to choose those with an elongated shape and less sweet (commonly called females) for cooking,
while using the fleshy and round-shaped ones (the so-called males) for raw consumption. STORE : they will keep in the refrigerator for one
week in the vegetable drawer, in the freezer they can be stored already washed and blanched in suitable containers for 8 months.

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