Pomegranate: Curiosities, nutritional values ​​and how to eat it

Pomegranate: Curiosities, nutritional values ​​and how to eat it


The pomegranate is a symbol of prosperity , productivity ,

invincibility, wealth and passion. Also considered a

aphrodisiac, in ancient times Greek women ate

this fruit to acquire abundance and fertility; For

the same reason, Roman women weaved i

hair with pomegranate branches.

In Indian cuisine with the dried pulp of the seeds

wild pomegranate is prepared as a spice,

the anardana.

This fruit has several beneficial properties: it is

anti-inflammatory , antibacterial, antifungal,

antioxidant and hypotensive. These characteristics

positive are due to the synergistic effect between

phytonutrients (polyphenols), vitamins and mineral salts

that it contains. Among these substances we find the

quercitin, allegic acid, vitamin C and folates. |

the most important minerals are iron and potassium

and manganese. Among these is potassium ad

have hypotensive effect and, therefore, to be positive in

case of hypertension .

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How to store and how to eat pomegranate

Very versatile fruit with a beautiful color, it can be combined

to starters, first courses, second courses, side dishes and desserts.

The juice is good and beautiful in cocktails .

It is often used as a decorative element and in

Christmas dishes.

choose large pomegranates, with firm and beautiful skin


STORE at room temperature until ready

use, it keeps well for a long time.

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