Why buy fruit and vegetables online in this period of World Pandemic?

The importance of online shopping during the Covid-19 pandemic

As grocery e-commerce continues to be a necessity during the Covid-19 pandemic, home shopping becomes increasingly important. Home shopping gives everyone the opportunity to purchase everyday products safely from home.

The risks of shopping during Covid-19

The main risk of shopping in supermarkets is coming into contact with someone infected with the virus. You can follow many rules to protect yourself and your family, such as
wear a face mask,
wear gloves,
wash your hands before and after shopping,
social distancing practice,
wash and disinfect the products once they arrive home.

But even if you follow these rules, there may still be a slim chance of catching the virus. Especially when you are waiting for your turn at the checkout and it is not always possible to maintain a safe distance.

This is why many consumers have already decided to practice home shopping.

According to a survey by Good Eggs, 68% of shoppers prefer to buy groceries online than at the supermarket during the Covid-19 pandemic. It was in the period from March to the end of August. The main reason that has led consumers to prefer shopping at home is the fear of catching Covid by shopping in supermarkets. In most cases, this precaution is not only for the health of the consumer, but also to protect family members.
Advantages of online shopping

According to the Good Eggs survey, shopping from home during the pandemic has many benefits for shoppers:
Reduces the risk of contracting Covid-19,
Saves time,
Reduces impulse purchases,
Makes it easy to reorder the same products on a regular basis.

So shopping at home seems to be convenient and safe during the pandemic. Protect yourself and your loved ones by shopping online. In our e-commerce you will find all the fruit and vegetables you need to strengthen your body in these difficult times!

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