Why are oranges good in winter?

Why are oranges good in winter?

An orange a day keeps the doctor away. Well, that's not exactly how they say it, but that's definitely true! Especially in the coldest season of the year, when our body needs an extra boost of vitamin C. Let's see why it is so good for us to eat oranges in winter.

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Vitamin C is a boost for a healthy winter

Cold weather has the power to undermine the immune system, skin and digestive system. What can you do to defend your body from this attack? It's simple, take vitamin C! The amount of vitamin C contained in oranges is sufficient to allow your body to develop resistance against specific pathogens.

Oranges are good for the heart

According to research provided by the AHA (American Heart Association), eating oranges and other citrus fruits helps reduce the risk of stroke. In particular, the flavonoids contained in oranges protect well against heart disease. Additionally, eating oranges can improve blood vessel functions while providing an anti-inflammatory effect for the body.

Oranges reduce the risk of kidney stones

Did you know that kidney stones are mostly caused by lack of citrate in the urine? Well, that's a fact, and that's another reason to start eating oranges today. They are rich in citric acid! A glass of orange juice a day can reduce the chances of kidney stone formation by increasing citrate levels in the urine.
So, what are you waiting for? Start taking care of your body. Do it especially in this period when it is better not to get sick at all with a pandemic around. Add an orange or orange juice to your diet and it will only do good for your overall health

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