Radishes: curiosities, properties and how to cook them!

Radishes: Curiosities, properties and how to cook them


Radishes are very low in calories and very rich in water

they contain mineral salts including potassium, calcium and iron

and vitamins including vitamin C and B9 (folate).

Belonging to the Cruciferae family they are rich

of compounds similar to sulforaphane with characteristics

anticancer. They likewise contain molecules

goitrogens not recommended in case of health problems

thyroid because they interfere with the metabolism of the

iodine. They have liver cleansing properties, try them

grated in salad, or centrifuged together with

other vegetables. Their edible leaves are rich in

folates and can be used to prepare

tasty omelettes . | their seeds put to germinate give

an extra boost to your dishes both in taste and

as nutrients.

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How to store them and how to cook them

They are mainly cooked raw in salads , they are used

for dips, in sandwiches, to decorate dishes

gourmet or to prepare fun dishes for children .

Also try them roasted in a pan, cooked in the oven or in the oven

microwave, or in risotto.

With fresh radish leaves you can prepare the

pesto or omelette.

Buy and keep

Choose small, firm radishes with loose leaves

withered, of a beautiful lively color and without spots. The

larger specimens can be woody.

Its leaves, however, only last a few

days and we recommend eating them before they go limp.

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