Lasagna with ricotta and spinach

Difficulty 3/5

Preparation time: 50min


50g of Butter
50g of type 0 flour
500ml of milk
100g of grated Parmigiano Reggiano
250g of mozzarella
500ml of bechamel
500g of spinach
300g fresh ricotta
300g of lasagne
nutmeg to taste
salt to taste


Step 1

Cook the spinach in very little salted water or in a pan with a knob of butter, a pinch of salt and leave to soften. Once cooked, pour them into a colander, so that they release excess water. Keep aside a little cooking water if needed to soften the ricotta and spinach cream.

Step 2

In the meantime, prepare the béchamel sauce: melt the butter over low heat in a pan with high sides; add the sifted flour, little at a time and stirring continuously. Add the milk slowly, stirring constantly, and finally a pinch of nutmeg and salt. Leave the béchamel rather liquid so that the lasagna is not too dry.

Step 3

Add the ricotta to the drained and finely chopped spinach.

Step 4

Mix the two ingredients well, reducing them to a cream. The cream must not be too compact, possibly add a few spoons of spinach cooking water to soften it. Also add a pinch of nutmeg and season with salt.

Step 5

Turn the oven on to 220°C and start assembling the lasagna. Dirty the bottom of the pan or baking dish with the béchamel sauce and start arranging the first layer of lasagne, covering with the ricotta and spinach cream.

Step 6

Add the diced mozzarella, a few spoonfuls of béchamel and parmesan.

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