Apple pie recipe!

All the steps to make an apple pie

1) Break 3 eggs into a bowl
2) Let's start mixing
3) Add 150g of sugar
4) Add 50ml of milk and continue mixing
5) We also add 60 g of butter
6) We also mix 300g of flour, adding little by little
7) We also add a 160g sachet of baking powder
8) Now let's take 2 large apples

9) Peel half an apple and cut it into small pieces and mix it with the dough, we will use the rest of the apples for decoration!
10) Prepare a well-greased and floured baking tray and pour in the dough!
11) Peel and cut the rest of the apples into thin slices and decorate the cake!
12) we give a sprinkling of sugar
13) Put it in the oven at 170° for about 45 minutes!
14) Let it cool and ENJOY!

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