We care about protecting the planet!

How do we support the environment?

With our rebranding focused on sustainability , Frutt'it, with its Plastic-Free packaging, has minimized the amount of plastic present in the package, separating the various products with paper bags, each for one product!

We are also very happy to present our latest collaboration with TreeNation !

Frutt'it undertakes for LIFE to plant a tree for every order received, and you will be the one to do it... yes, you understood correctly!

At the end of the order, you will receive an email where, step by step, you will be guided to plant a tree in the Frutt'it forest!

The tree will then be yours forever, you will also receive a certificate of ownership and you will be able to check the area where the tree is located, its progress over the years and the amount of Co2 absorbed!

Below in Real Time the Frutt'it Forest!