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  • Alchechengi (Physalis) 1 tray 100gr


Alchechengi (Physalis) 1 tray 100gr

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Alchechengi: all the curiosities and benefits of this tropical fruit!

The Alchechengi is a tropical fruit native to the subtropical regions of Latin America. Here are some curiosities about the Alchechengi:

  • The name Alchechengi comes from the indigenous word "chichímeca" which means "palm fruit"
  • The Alchechengi tree can grow up to 15 meters high and produces abundant fruit.
  • The fruit of the Alchechengi has a shape similar to that of a pear and a green skin that turns yellow when ripe. The pulp is white and crunchy with a flavor similar to that of sour apple.
  • Alchechengi is rich in vitamins A and C, potassium, calcium and fibre.
  • The fruit is often used for the preparation of juices, jams, jellies and desserts.
  • In some cultures it is used to treat digestive problems and for its diuretic action.
  • The Alchechengi is also known by the name of "guanabana" or "guardian fruit"

Alchechengi is a nutrient-rich fruit that can offer many health benefits. Here are some of the benefits of Alchechengi:

  • Antioxidant : Milkweed is a rich source of vitamin C, which is an important antioxidant for the body. Vitamin C helps protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.

  • Digestion : Alchechengi contains dietary fiber which can help improve digestion and prevent constipation.

  • Immune system : Whitethorn is also a source of vitamin A, which is important for the immune system. Vitamin A helps protect the body against infections and diseases.

  • Diuretic : Milkweed has diuretic properties, which can help eliminate excess fluid from the body and prevent water retention.

  • Anti-inflammatory: Milkweed contains anti-inflammatory substances that can help reduce inflammation in the body and improve overall health.

  • Cancer : Some studies suggest that Physicum may have anti-cancer properties, particularly with regards to breast and prostate cancer.

It should always be kept in mind that these benefits were obtained from studies conducted on animals and in laboratories and there is not yet enough scientific evidence on humans. it is always better to consult your doctor before using the Alchechengi as a natural remedy.