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  • Italian chestnuts 1kg
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Italian chestnuts 1kg

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Chestnuts are a typical autumn fruit of the Italian culinary tradition. Rounded in shape and with a characteristic dark brown colour, they are enclosed in a double woody peel. Their sweet and delicate flavor makes them perfect for many recipes, from soups to desserts.

Properties and benefits of chestnuts:

Chestnuts are a nutritious and healthy food, rich in carbohydrates, vitamin B6 and magnesium. They are also a good source of fiber and antioxidants, which help counteract the aging of cells and prevent cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Chestnuts are also a low-calorie and cholesterol-free food, so they are suitable for those who follow a balanced diet.

How to use chestnuts in the kitchen:

Chestnuts are a versatile ingredient that lends itself to many preparations. They can be cooked in the oven, boiled or roasted, depending on the recipe. They are excellent for the preparation of soups, broths, desserts, but also as a side dish or ingredient in savory dishes. Chestnuts go well with many ingredients, such as mushrooms, meat, potatoes and chocolate.

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