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  • Cabbage 1 Piece


Cabbage 1 Piece

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Cabbage: Properties, calories and how to cook it

Curiosities about cabbage

Cabbage is characterized by smooth leaves closely overlapping to form a tight light green ball. Particularly rich in
vitamin C and vitamin A are protective against the ailments of the cold season and also provide vitamin PP and mineral salts such as phosphorus, iron and calcium. It has diuretic properties and its broth, drunk in the evening, is an excellent laxative.

How to Cook Cabbage

Good raw cut into very thin strips , seasoned Tyrolean style and left to macerate for a few hours. It is cooked sautéed, baked au gratin, with cereals and in soups.

How to store and buy cabbage online

Frutt'it chooses for you closed, firm caps, with well-adhering leaves, crunchy and of a beautiful bright colour ; check the stem cut below, the drier and duller it is, the longer it takes
it passed from his collection.

STORE in the refrigerator, in the vegetable section, for up to 10 days.