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Fennel 1kg

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Fennel is a herbaceous plant, typical of Mediterranean cuisine, which has a white heart-shaped bulb and long green leaves. Both the bulb and the leaves have a sweet and delicate flavor, similar to that of anise.

Properties and benefits of fennel:

Fennel is a very nutritious and beneficial food for the body. They are rich in fiber, vitamins (especially C and K) and minerals (especially potassium and calcium), which make them useful for fighting hypertension and promoting bone health. Additionally, they contain antioxidant compounds that can help prevent chronic diseases.

How to use fennel in cooking:

Fennel can be used in many different ways in the kitchen. The bulb can be cut into thin slices and used raw in salads or cooked in many dishes, such as in fennel soup, fennel risotto or fennel lasagne. Fennel leaves can be used to flavor salads or as a decoration.