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Shelled almonds 1kg

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Almonds are dried fruits obtained from the almond tree, a tree belonging to the Rosaceae family. They have an oval shape with a hard outer skin and an edible inner part with a delicate flavor.

Properties and benefits of almonds:

Almonds are a source of protein, fiber and healthy fats. They are rich in vitamins, including vitamin E, and minerals, such as magnesium and calcium. Consuming almonds can help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and prevent osteoporosis.

How to use almonds in cooking:

Almonds are a very versatile ingredient in the kitchen. They can be eaten as a snack, used as a decoration or as an ingredient in a wide range of sweet and savory dishes. Toasted almonds can be used to make sauces, pestos and crumbles, while almond flour can be used as an alternative to traditional flour in many recipes.