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Golden Delicious apple 1kg

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It is one of the sugariest fruits, think that 10g of its 14g of carbohydrates per 100g of apple are fructose , a simple sugar . Contains fibre
soluble prebiotics that nourish the good bacteria of our intestinal microbiome and push them to produce cooked chain fatty acids that protect the cells themselves

of the intestinal endothelium. If you suffer from constipation, grandma's remedy of cooked apple and cinnamon can help . Insoluble fibers are present in the peel.
Those who suffer from intestinal problems will have to pay attention both to the high quantity of fiber and to the presence of molecules called FODMAPs . And rich in
antioxidant polyphenols found mainly in the peel of red apples. Among these, quercitin stands out, which in addition to counteracting aging
cell protects against inflammatory diseases.

Cider , brandy , calvados, verjuice, vinegar and ointment (based on the pulp of the fruit) are extracted from the apple , which has always been considered the best remedy
proclaims the proverb " an apple a day keeps the doctor away ": it allows you to fight the ravages of time and preserve eternal youth.
In legends the apple is the miraculous nourishment par excellence , it provides immortality, knowledge and wisdom provided it comes from the Other World. And the
figure of the terrestrial globe, it represents supreme power and satisfies the desire for total possession, for absolute domination over others

Buy golden apples online ships apples with beautiful bright colored skin, firm and without bruises. If the stem is green, the apple has only been picked recently.

STORE at room temperature, they will keep for a long time in the refrigerator. Remove rotten apples to prevent those close to them from rotting.

How to use golden apples in the kitchen

Excellent raw, in fruit salads and in smoothies. The juice is used as a substitute for sugar . Cooked and flavored with your favorite spices they are excellent
after meal. Very popular in strudel and in desserts in general. Good in mixed salads or with meat.