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  • Melograni 1kg - JustFruit


Pomegranates 1kg

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Curiosities about pomegranates

Pomegranates are fruits with a hard shell and a globular shape, with a ruby ​​red internal pulp. They are native to Iran and India, but today they are grown in many parts of the world, including Spain and Italy.

Properties and benefits of pomegranates:

Pomegranates are a rich source of antioxidants, especially polyphenols, which can help protect the body from free radical damage and oxidative stress. Additionally, pomegranates contain vitamin C, vitamin K and potassium. Studies have suggested that pomegranates may be helpful in lowering blood pressure, improving heart health, and fighting inflammation.

How to use pomegranates in cooking:

Pomegranates can be used in many ways in the kitchen. Their juicy, sweet pulp can be eaten alone as a snack or added to salads, sauces, meat dishes and desserts. Additionally, pomegranate seeds, also called arils, can be used as a garnish for many dishes, adding a pop of color and flavor.