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  • Pecan nuts 1kg


Pecan nuts 1kg

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Fun facts about pecans:

Pecans are a medium-sized dried fruit with a sweet and slightly buttery flavor. Their elongated and pointed shape makes them easily recognisable. Native to North America, they are now also cultivated in other parts of the world.

Properties and benefits of pecans:

Pecan nuts are a very nutritious food, rich in antioxidants and unsaturated fats which help maintain a good level of cholesterol in the blood. They are also a source of proteins and fibre, which aid digestion and help maintain a sense of satiety. Thanks to their nutritional composition, pecans can contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer.

How to use pecans in cooking:

Pecans are a very versatile ingredient in the kitchen, which is suitable for both the preparation of sweet and savory dishes. They can be used to enrich salads, cakes, biscuits and bread, or as a garnish for meat or fish dishes. Furthermore, pecans are often used to prepare typical American desserts such as pecan pie.

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