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Passion Fruit 3 pieces

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The Italian passion fruit, or maracuja, is produced from the Passiflora edulis var plant. flavicarpa and has a yellow, stiff rind that encloses a gelatinous pulp, with a sweet flavor and an intense aroma. It is suitable both for fresh consumption and for flavoring drinks, desserts and recipes.

The Italian passion fruit, or maracuja, is the fruit of the Passiflora edulis var. flavicarpa, a climber of South American origin which is characterized by the splendid flower typical of the entire genus and which has made these plants famous also in ornamental use. The fruit has a rigid rind, straw yellow in colour, which can be easily split, revealing the agglomeration of seeds surrounded by a gelatinous and sweet pulp.
The intense aroma and sweetness of the latter make this fruit a typical ingredient of Latin American cuisine and drinks. It is in fact used as a flavoring for juices and cocktails, as an ingredient for desserts and in the preparation of some dishes.
The edible part of the fruit is composed of both the gelatinous portion and the seeds which together form the globular agglomerate enclosed in the rigid exocarp.
The nutritional properties of this fruit mainly concern the high intake of simple sugars, such as fructose, and vitamin C. Group B vitamins are also present.