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  • 1 cassa frutto del drago
  • 1 cassa frutto del drago


Pitaya/Dragon Fruit ( 1 chest ) 5 Fruits

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All the curiosities and benefits of the Dragon fruit (Pitaya)

Pitahaya , also known as pitaya or dragon fruit, is a tropical fruit native to the regions of Central and South America . The pitahaya plant belongs to the Cactaceae family and grows in the form of large climbing cacti.

The pitahaya fruit is oval or cylindrical in shape, with a length that can vary from 7 to 20 cm. The peel is red, yellow or purple in color and has a series of bumps along its length. The pulp of the fruit is white or pink , soft and rich in seeds. The flavor is sweet and delicate , with a light acidic note and a fragrant aroma.

Pitahaya is a source of vitamins C and B , minerals such as calcium , iron and phosphorus , and dietary fiber. Furthermore, it contains natural antioxidants that help prevent cell damage caused by free radicals.

Pitahaya is often eaten fresh, sliced ​​or grated onto dishes . It is also used for the preparation of juices, ice creams, desserts and jams. The pulp of the fruit can be frozen and used later for the preparation of smoothies or as an ingredient for pastries.

The pitahaya plant is also prized for its ornamental properties and is grown as a garden plant in many warm regions of the world.