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Hokkaido pumpkin 1 piece

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Hokkaido pumpkin: a versatile vegetable to use in the kitchen

Hokkaido squash, also known as Potimarron or chestnut squash, is a unique variety of vegetable that is gaining increasing popularity in winter cooking. Thanks to its edible peel, nutritional profile and its particular flavor reminiscent of chestnut puree, Hokkaido pumpkin is perfect to use in many recipes. In this article, we will find out more about this versatile vegetable and show you how you can conveniently purchase it online with Frutt'it.


Origin and names of Hokkaido pumpkin

Hokkaido squash is known by several names depending on the region and culinary tradition. In Japan, where this variety is thought to have origins, it is called Hokkaido squash or Uchiki Kuri. However, it is interesting to note that it may also have Mesoamerican roots, having been introduced to the East by Portuguese traders. In France, it is known as Potimarron, one of the countries where this pumpkin variety has been most appreciated.

In Italy, however, the Hokkaido pumpkin is commonly known as chestnut pumpkin. This name comes from its shape, which resembles a large chestnut seed, and its unique flavor, similar to that of the chestnuts themselves. The relatively small size of this squash makes it easy to transport and work with in the kitchen. It is considered a winter squash and can be consumed even after some time after harvesting thanks to its edible peel.

Nutritional properties of Hokkaido pumpkin

Hokkaido squash is a nutrient-rich vegetable and has an interesting nutritional profile. Compared to other pumpkin varieties, it has a low water content but is rich in fiber, vitamin C, B vitamins and vitamin A. It is also a good source of calcium, potassium and iron, while it has a relatively low sodium content compared to other pumpkin varieties.

Use in the kitchen

Hokkaido pumpkin can be used in many recipes, from the simplest to the most complex. Its compact and sweet pulp lends itself perfectly to being cut into cubes and roasted in the oven as a substitute for potatoes. All you need to do is season it with a drizzle of oil, a pinch of salt and, why not, add some spices such as cinnamon to give it an extra touch of flavour.

Another delicious preparation is Hokkaido pumpkin soup. Simply cook the squash in chunks in a pressure cooker or boil until soft. Then, everything is blended together with a selection of spices and seasoned with a drizzle of raw oil and a sprinkle of fresh rosemary. Hokkaido pumpkin soup is a warm and comforting dish perfect for cold winter evenings.

If you love more elaborate preparations, you can try preparing stuffed Hokkaido pumpkin. Cut the pumpkin into two parts, clean the heart of the seeds and cook it lightly in the oven. Treat the two halves like bowls and fill them with your favorite filling, whether meat or cheese. If you prefer a vegan variant, you can opt for a filling made from vegetables and cereals.

Buy Hokkaido pumpkin online with Frutt'it

Now that you have discovered all the wonderful culinary possibilities of Hokkaido pumpkin, all that remains is to buy it to experiment in the kitchen. Thanks to the convenience of purchasing online with Frutt'it, you can have your fresh, high-quality Hokkaido pumpkin directly to your home. Frutt'it offers a vast selection of fresh products, including Hokkaido pumpkin, to always guarantee top quality ingredients for your recipes.

Not only will you be able to enjoy the nutritional benefits and unique flavor of Hokkaido pumpkin, but you will also be able to experiment with new recipes and delight your guests with original and tasty dishes. Buy your Hokkaido pumpkin online with Frutt'it and be inspired by the versatility of this vegetable in the kitchen.


Hokkaido squash, also known as Potimarron or chestnut squash, is a versatile vegetable to use in cooking. Thanks to its edible peel, nutritional profile and particular flavour, Hokkaido pumpkin lends itself perfectly to numerous winter recipes. You can use it to prepare side dishes, soups, veloutés and main courses, experimenting with unique tastes and flavours.

Don't miss the opportunity to buy Hokkaido pumpkin online with Frutt'it. Thanks to the convenience of purchasing online, you will always have fresh, high-quality ingredients available for your culinary creations. Experiment with new recipes, delight your guests and enjoy all the beneficial properties of Hokkaido pumpkin.